Poetry analysis: -in just by e.e.cummings

<b>in just—</b>

<b>By e.e. cummings (1894 – 1962)</b>

–          Illustration

The poem illustrates that only in the spring the nature portrayed as something beautiful and full of joy. The small limp balloon man also appears to entertain the children with his balloons. He also whistles from far and seems so soft. The two children, Eddie and Bill present playing of marbles and piracies game. The world was portrayed as wonderful puddle because it was in spring. This time, the strange old balloonman whistles again from far and the two children, Betty and Isbel come dancing. They also play hop-scotch and jump-rope together. The old balloonman was also portrayed to be goat-footed that whistles again from far.

–          Historical Background

The poem was written around 20<sup>th</sup> century by Edward Estlin Cummings, or widely known by e.e. cummings. From the year it was written, 1923, the situation at that time was right after the First World War. From the poem’s setting of time, it can be indicated that it was in spring time. The citizens were in the recovery state after the war ended. The condition of the land surely not fine as before. In the spring, it was muddy and the appearance of lame and old balloonman is indicated that the financial condition at that time was still not restored. If we see from the historical aspect, in 1923, the 29<sup>th</sup> president of United States Warren Harding, was died and America was in bad hyperinflation.

–          Poet’s background

The poem ‘in just’ by e.e.cummings depicts the spring as seen from the point of view of the child. The poem describes the situation after the WW1 is just like as in the spring. It brings such movement from the traditional one, as we can infer from those figures of ‘eddie’ and ‘bill’ played enjoying the spring with an excitement of remembered childhood in the conventional way – marbles. The ‘ballonman’ is a symbol of adulthood, puberty, and sexuality, the world that child do not yet about these ‘mud-luscious’ things. The ‘ballonman whistles so far and wee’ depicts the distance that covered by the whistles. The ‘goat-footed’ in ‘in just’ is referred to as a God of nature in Greek. As the figures both ‘betty’ and ‘isbel’ come dancing, depicts the coming of adults’ world as they, the children, leave their game behind.

–          Theme

The theme of the poem is to take care the time as good as possible. In the poem, it portrays about joyful childhood.


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