This is how the most well-known anime “Naruto Shippuden” will end up, based on my imagination (a hidden wish)

Utakata Hanabi (Finale, Sasu-Naru)

-Full of Dialogues-


“It’s not bad to write down what’s on our mind and let the others know, whatever it is J;

We live for real, we shouldn’t live inside the dream, but that cannot stop us for having imagination J




“We meet again, Sasuke. In the same place like our great battle long time ago.”

“Now what I have to do is erase you from this world, old friend.”

“Just do it, then! But I’m glad that you still see me as your friend.”

“For your last time,…… CHIDORI!”



“Do we have to only stand still like this?”

“We have no right to interupt at all, Sakura.”

“Sai? But….”

“This battle is those two own bussiness, you see?”


“I wonder, somehow.”

“You afraid, don’t you?”

“They are so intend about this. I remember. Even back then, they do serious about fighting each other.”


“You know, Sai? I always guess the day like now would come. But…. . How, how if one of them.. one of them…. .”

“Just see it, then. We have our time to decide when to get involved.”

“Sai is right, Sakura-san.”

“Kakashi sensei?”

“It will be take a-very-long time, I guess. Better if I read the next page of this book.”




The voice of one thousand shuriken and Kusanagi sword are colliding.

The battle.

Is finally set it place.

They have injured each other.

The losing feeling.

The longing feeling.

The wish to face each other.

The wish to bring the other back home.

The wish to defeat the other.

This is gonna long.


However, your sight cannot always tell you the real truth.

The outside look doesn’t always same with the inside, though.

The reason why.. .

Why there in this world is love and pain.

Why there is a friend and enemy..

Why you must be lying and hiding.

No one knows.

For all this time.




“Oh, No! At this rate, Naruto and Sasuke… they will….”


“No, they can’t really do it! This is just the same at that time.”

“Stay calm, Sakura.”






“Not yet. This is not end yet.”

“Indeed. AMATERASU!”

“I won’t let you, Sasuke! TAIKYOKU RASENGAN!”




“Hah? Where the hell do they go?”

“They’re nowhere in sight.”

“Can it be? No! They can’t be really serious and choose their own place to fight. We must search them!”

“I see. They even don’t let their teacher to watch that hot battle.”

“This is not time for saying such that thing for you know, Kakashi sensei.”

“That really suits you, Sai.”

“Naruto… . Sasuke.. . Please! Just don’t go too far. I don’t wanna lose both of you.”




“Where is this? Why do you—“

“I don’t want to fight.”

“Che! I see, so you want to admit your defeat without anyone know.”

“I want to see you. That’s all.”




“Sasuke, wherever it is doesn’t matter. Now you can show your best to defeat me. Don’t waste much more time.”

“I don’t need to.”

“What’s that? What’s wrong with you? After killed your older brother, you surely intend for killing me, don’t you?”

“That’s not the reason I come to fight you.”

“You… You want to back without having any fights with me, is that right?”

“I regret it.”

“Regret. What?”

“For killing Itachi. That fool Itachi.”

“Sasuke… it’s not too late, you know?“

“Do you still, remember? The day, how you tell me that we are similar, how you and me are the same, how we are living alone, how we are always competing, how we are become enemy and.. friend.”

“Ah, I don’t think I could forget it.”

“I knew you have fallen for Sakura. But she always looked at me, not you, doesn’t she?”

“But it doesn’t mean I will lose to you.”

“I see. So you still enduring for her.”

“Not really. Impossible for me not to think that I’m just your replacement. I love her. I think it’s okay. However…. .”

“You start to like another person? Hinata?”

“Can you just listen to me?”

“I’m listening.”

“Seessh! You know, Sai. The guy that never know how to feel, react,or express. He learned all about that from book. He’s ever ask me what is love. He wanted to test me if my answer will be the same with what’s written on the book. I said, you are in love with someone if you are always think and care of that someone the most. Then he said, ‘You seems like that to Sakura. That’s also noted in this book. But, here also written that if we love someone, we can’t ever erased him or her from our mind, and if that someone suddenly dissapear, we will do anything to find him or her. If that someone far of you, you will miss him or her so much. Come to think of it, isn’t that the case between you and Sasuke?’. I laughed only. Why did Sai suddenly have that kind of thought.”

“So that guy apparently smart even though less of expression.”

“I thought I told you to listen.”

“Don’t you see I’m listening?”

“Then don’t interupt until I finished!”

“Go ahead!”

“Teme! Then I told Sai, of course I missed Sasuke, he is my friend after all, my precious friend. And he all of sudden made what-the-hell decision by leaving the village. I worried that he would never come back, that he would become my true enemy. Then Sai said that if I was too much over you. You are even not my family, was that normal for just-friend to struggle that much? Sure, it is normal. I respect you the most, Sasuke. You’re such a brother to me. That’s why I cannot lose you.”

“So we are really friend, that is what are you trying to say?”

“Actually, there is another thing.”

“Tell me what is it?”

“That’s not a thing that I can tell you so bluntly.”

“I’m listening here.”

“… ..”

“….. ..”

“….. ..”

“It’s.. .It’s abnormal.”

“What? I can’t hear if you talk so soft like that.”

“Did you just say that you are listening?”

“Did you just say in a whispering sound?”

“… .”

“… .”

“Well, Naruto. I will straightforward this time. Back then, deep in my heart, I’m glad I’d a friend like you. Even after that incident.”

“What incident?”

“That kiss.”

“Eek? You.. That.. That is…”

“What the hell is that. But the touch of your soft lips cannot really vanish ever since.”

“Hah? I’d never think that you can be such a pervert.”

“But you show me how much you like Sakura while Sakura always want me. I thought, if I gave a bit hope to Sakura there is no way for you two will be together. At the night when I left, I hope the one who stopped me was you, not her. And it’s not like I have another choice. I can’t stay with you while enduring this feeling. I need to go. I didn’t want to break our bond. That’s why—“

“I don’t understand.”

“Let’s try to undertsand it now. We are always competing, aren’t we? But I show my best to keep up over you. So you will always think how to defeat me. In other words, you will always thinking of me.”

“Sasuke, what… what are you trying to say?”

“It apparently isn’t clear enough for you. Oh God! what should I do?”

“You mean you care for me? Like I always do?”


“…. .”

“…. .”

“…. .”

“…. .”

“…. .”

“Naruto.. “





“What does it mean?”

“Nothing less, you are stupid as always.”

“TEME! That’s not what I mean.”

“I don’t want to be either your friend or enemy.”

“Then what?”

“Sheessh! Do you want me to yell it out loud, DOBE?”

“And if so? You think I will understand that easily?”


“ what did you just do?”

“What do you actually feel towards me?”

*shivering* “I, I don’t know. No matter how I think, it just can’t be.”

“So you don’t?”

“You will leave me again?”

“No, if you—“

“I.. .I love you..”

*smiled* “That’s it. That’s what I want to hear from you.” *hugged*

“What Sai said to me always bothering me ever since. Why? Since you left, I felt alone even more. It couldn’t be any worse. I wanted to see you, fight you as I always do. Show that I was better better better than you. Laughed with you, saw your emotionless face, have fun with Sakura-chan and Kakashi sensei. And the worst, I want to be with you, more than friends. I don’t know what could it possibly, but I don’t want you to be with Sakura. That’s why I thought Sakura was better with me. Why? What is it, Sasuke? We both guys. We can’t, we can’t…” *tears drop*

“Just be with me like this, Naruto.”




“Just where the hell did those two hide?”

“Calm down Sakura-san, you will get old sooner if you still like that.”


“That, is that Naruto?”

“Where? Where is him, Sai?”


“Naruto, you back!” *hug* “You okay, right?”


“He seems not seriously wounded (looked at Sasuke that hold by Naruto’s right arm). Do both of you really fight?”

“Shut up, Sai! We must get back to Konoha quickly. They both are wounded, however.”

“Sai, Sakura, you two help Naruto! Leave this Uchiha to me!”






“What’s up, gaki? You are still not fit enough, why are you here?”

“About Sasuke…”

“I can’t guarantee to grant your request.”

“Just don’t too harsh on his punishment. After all, he is—”

“Six months jailing, ANBU training, and all level-A missions. Don’t you satisfied?”

“What? Isn’t that too much?”

“So you want me to give him a death penalty instead?”

“No! No! I think he will be jailed only for several days and let him back to team 7.”


“Err.. Forget it Baa-chan! Shit—Shitsurei shimasu.”




“Granny is really scary.”

“You must be asking for something funny.”

“Nothing’s funny, if it’s about you.”



“You said something.”

“I just forget what just I said.”


“Teme! What are you doing?”

“Hug you, can’t I?”

“You can, at least without that ‘stoic’ face you have.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Aaaaaargh! What in the world are you, Sasuke?”

“Tell me what I supposed to do, then?”

“You can walk me to see the festival, you can treat me for Ichiraku ramen…”

“That sounds like a date.”

“That’s right. That’s what a normal date supposed to be.”


“You are not listening again.”

“I just want to hug you.”

“If you want to hug me, do it romantically. I just can’t feel anything.”

*hug tighter*

“Like this?”

“Seessh! Whatever you do.”



“See that!” *looked up to the fireworks*

“It’s beautiful.”

“Like you.”





“Tadaima, Naruto.”



6 months later


“Yokatta ne, Sasuke-kun.”

“Hn.” “Sakura, can I ask you something?”

“About what?”

“Your feeling towards me. Is it still alive?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just asking.”

“You are my first interest ever since, Sasuke. Your coldness, make can never really know what do you feel or what are you thinking. But my feeling towards you at that time, is true.”

“At that time? So now, they’re gone?”

“Tell me what is this exactly about all of sudden?”

“I’m just asking, to you to kill it, all of it, from now on.”

“Is that all? No need to worry then. Even now, I still care about you. But my most important person is not you anymore.”



“That’s too.”


“Kill that feeling too!”

“Kill what? My feeling for Naruto you mean? What in the world do you really want, Sasuke-kun?”

“I’m here, because of him. I’m back to Konoha, because Naruto hardly struggled for me. And he’s also the only reason I left this village.”



“You are the most precious friend to Naruto. I knew it. And that you have the same way of Naruto, makes me glad too. You left because you want become stronger than Naruto, I knew it too. Very well I know.”

“You’re wrong, Sakura.”

“Then what is it mean supposed to be?”

“Naruto is my enemy. If he’s not, then he is the one that, I love.”

“Pardon me?”

“Sorry for all hard things you have endured, sorry for making you confused all this time. And sorry for stealing Naruto from you, Sakura. I honestly have never want to hurt anybody, especially you.”




“Did you say something to Sakura?”

“You mind?”

“No, just…”

“I myself cannot stand for hurting her, but we’ve exposed the truth, at least.”

“I do hope Sakura-chan will find her happiness soon.”



“Could you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Please… Please be a mother that will be giving birth all of my children!”

“TEME! What on earth you have said just now? Was the jailing made you lost your senses?”

“Listen to me Naruto! I’m serious about this. If it’s you, it’s possible. You must know I can’t do it with any women in this world.”

“YOU BASTARD TEME! And do you think I’m a woman? Pull all your senses Sasuke! I know you want to restore your clan but—“


“Wh—what is that?”

“When I was with Orochimaru, I tried hard to create this. Secretly, of course. Do you think I only learn how to be stronger and stronger? I ask everything to that person, also to Kabuto and Karin, until this one finished. I haven’t ever tried it to human, but to animal has.”

“Seriously, can you just tell me what is that! Medicine? Concoction?”

“I’m the last remaining of Uchiha clan. The only one left. If I die, there will no more Uchiha.”

“Are you listening to me?”

“But if you would drink this for my sake, no, for the sake of Uchiha clan’s survival, that would be enough for me.”

“So you are not listening. Sheesh!”

“Naruto, please!”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Drink this!”

“And if I did?”

“You will be a mother.”

“So, this is a drink that would make me, a guy, be able to conceive as a woman does?”






“You will, right?”

“Uchiha Sasuke!”

“I know you will. You love me after all.”


“Hey, Dobe! What’s wrong with that?”


 “(avoiding) It’s not a big deal, right? You could—“

“NO WAY! YOU TEME! WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM?” (attack again)

“You? You’re my lover, Naruto. Mine!” (attack back and hold naruto out)


And finally kiss.



afureru hito de nigiwau hachigatsumatsu no omatsuri
yukata o kite geta mo haite
karankoron oto o tateru
fui ni agatta hanabi o futari de miageta toki
muchuu de miteru kimi no kao o sotto nusumimita no

The festival at the end of August was lively and overflowing with people
I put on a yukata and geta
Making clanking and clicking sounds
When the two of us looked up at the suddenly risen fireworks
I secretly stole a glance of your face watching them in a trance

kimi no koto kirai ni naretara ii no ni
kyou mitai na hi ni wa kitto
mata omoidashiteshimau yo

Although it would be better if I’d come to hate you
On a day like today
I’d remember you again for sure

konna kimochi shiranakya yokatta
mou nido to aeru koto mo nai no ni
aitai aitai nda
ima demo omou kimi ga ita ano natsu no hi o

Not knowing these kinds of feelings would have been great
Although we will now never meet again
I want to, I want to see you
I still think of that summer day when you were with me

sukoshi tsukarete futari michibata ni koshikaketara
tooku kikoeru ohayashi no ne
hyururira narihibiku
yozora ni saita ookina ookina nishikikan o
mou sukoshi de natsu ga owaru
futto setsunaku naru

If we grew a little tired, we’d sit down on the roadside
Listening to the distant sound of the orchestra
The whistling sounds and strings reverberating
A brocade cap bloomed bigger and bigger in the night sky
Summer will end in a little while
It suddenly becomes painful

sakasama no haato ga uchiagatteta
ahaha tte waraiatte
suki da yo tte
kisu o shita

I launched my reversed heart
Laughing “ahaha” and
Saying “I love you”
We kissed

mou wasureyou kimi no koto zenbu
konna ni mo kanashikute
dou shite deatteshimatta ndarou
me o tojireba
ima mo kimi ga soko ni iru you de

I’ll forget all about you now
This is just too sad
Why must we have met?
If I close my eyes
It’ll be like you’re there even now

amai toiki
binetsu o obiru watashi wa kimi ni koi shita
sono koe ni sono hitomi ni
kizukeba toki wa sugisatteku no ni
mada kimi no omokage o sagashite

Sweet sighs
Tinged with a slight fever, I was in love with you
In that voice and in those eyes
If I notice, time is passing by
But I’ll still search for a trace of you

hitorikiri de miageru hanabi ni
kokoro ga chikuri to shite
mou sugu tsugi no kisetsu ga
yatte kuru yo
kimi to miteta utakata hanabi
ima demo omou ano natsu no hi o

I looked up at the fireworks all by myself
Making my heart prickle with pain
Very soon, the next season
Will arrive
I had watched the transient fireworks with you
I still think of that summer day when you were with me




5 years later

“Hokage-sama! Shikamaru, Sai and Lee has just arrived.”

“Let them come in.”


“How’s the mission?”

“We should have Sasuke along with us, isn’t this level-A mission?”

“Yeah, but you all seems don’t have any trouble with it. Sasuke apparently has something to do with me.”

“You can’t hold to lovey-dovey with him, right? Hokage-sama.”

“What is lovey-dovey Sai?”

“You don’t know Lee? It’s often found in the books Kakashi always gave to me. It is—”

“Can you two stay quiet?”


“This is bad. Even he is a guy and used to be our friend, but he is just the same—“

“Lovey-dovey, huh? Do you think I am, the Hokage, have a silly time to what-you-so-called lovey-dovey with that jerk Uchiha?”

“—with that old lady. He is worse, more sensitive, bad-tempered..”

“Shikamaru, what’s up with Naruto, err, Hokage-sama?”

“.. so just don’t make him angry—Eh? (look at Naruto) Uh oh, be ready!”


“In the countdown of three, let’s get out of here! 3, 2, 1!”



“Ah, Sasuke-san, Hokage-sama.. ohishashiburi!”

“Ohishashiburi, Shizune nee-san. How is Baa-chan?”

“She is well, Hokage-sama. She just won’t stop drinking and smoking.”

“She’s always like that. Can I see her?”

“This way, please!”


“Oh, Naruto. What’s bring you here in this early? I know you’re busy, so no need to pay a call for this old granny.”

“That’s why, I come here to make you stop smoking and drinking like this. I also hear that you still gambling often.”

“You can’t, gaki!”

“I’m not gaki anymore. I am Hokage now.”

“I know. But this has been become my routine in life. It’s fun.”

“It’s hard to understand you Baa-chan.”

“Instead of worrying me, just take care well of my grandchildren. Or, do you have Sasuke to be a house-husband since you become Hokage?”

“Ehh, no! And do you think he will? Whenever I have time to home, it’s me who always take care of Haruka and Tomoe.”

“It’s lie!”


“He takes care of them only if he’s home. The rest is me along with all the daily chores.”

“Teme! I’m not that bad! It’s because—“

“You are a Hokage. That’s why I don’t mind.”

“(laughing) I’m glad you have such a good husband. But still, I never thought that an Uchiha would do that.”

“He just wanna be praised—Unhh!”

“What’s up Naruto?”

“Baa-chan, I need to go to toilet.”


“What’s up with him? Is he sick?”

“Wait! Could he be….” *glaring at Sasuke*

“I just hope he won’t be mad. I’ll see him.”


“Sasuke undeniably strong, right? Tsunade-sama?”

“Hm. Even Yondaime must sacrifice himself to control the chakra of Kyuubi. But he was doing all the stuffs by himself, the two of us are only needed at the giving birth process. You remember, Shizune?”

“Yes. But still I wonder, Why is it has to be Naruto? Does Sasuke really have no interest with women?”

“Hhh. I will have another grandchild. Or maybe, grandchildren.” (smiled)

“Naruto must be special if he delivers to twins again.”






“Hn. What’s up Tomoe?”

“Do we really have no mother?”

“Do we need? You and your brother already have two incredible fathers instead.”

“But still, I saw all friends of mine in academy always picked up by both their father and mother.”

“You really want a mother?”

“You said Otou-sama is the one who delivered me and brother to this world, why don’t we have him to be our mother?”

“(murmured) He is indeed your mother.”


“Well, you can call him ‘Hahaue’ if you want.”

“Can I?”

“But don’t let him know if I allowed you!”

“Okay. Promise!”


“Chichiue, Tomoe.. look this!”

“Sugoii Nii-chan! You’re already able blowing to that big fireball!”


“That’s my boy! (patting) Nothing less from you as Uchiha’s descent. Tomoe, why don’t you join Haruka, for practicing?”

“Hai, Chichiue! I also want  to show Nii-chan something. Look!”

“Element of thunder? Don’t be bigheaded imouto! That’s nothing compared to mine.”

“Why? It’s better than you have, Nii-chan!”




“What are you doing, Naru-chan?”

“I’m just thinking about what the good names for these upcoming babies.. Eek! Naru-chan? You call me what, Sasuke?”

“You should call me anata, Naru-chan.”

“(talk to himself) Stay calm Naruto! For the sake of your babies. He is just teasing you.”

“And.. have you found them?”


“The names.”

“Not yet.”

“Don’t push yourself too much. You’re not good at all to that.”

“Shut up, YOU TEME! I also want to take place in this. You have done for both Haruka and Tomoe.”

“So you want to give names for them yourself?”

“That’s right!”

“Well, as long as is not about Ichiraku, or something like that..”



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