Myth and My Fantasy: “Not Only Yours (The Chronicle of Rome)” Part 1

Rhea Sylvia, a young beautiful priestess who look after the temple of Ares, or what Roman known by, Mars, God of War. She supposed to be pure, remain in chastity forever, until Mars come to her in the disguise of a guy, a human. Mars fallin love with Rhea, yet she insisted to keep her purity. Mars could forcefully ravish her if he would, just as what Hephaestus did to Athena, or what Hades did to Persephone. But he didn’t. Simply because he really captured by Rhea’s beauty and kindness. Then Mars back to Olympus, asked Eros to shoot his loe arrows for he and the priestess. Eros actually want to ask The Great Zeus or Aphrodite first, but Mars forced him to do it secretly. It finally worked. Rhea Sylvia fallen for him and agree to make love with him.

Aphrodite got so furious when heard about that from Hermes. She swore she’s not jealousy type like Hera, but she loved Ares more than anything. It’s not fair if his own husband would truly fall in love by mere human. Is she has no pride? She’s the goddess instead!

So Aphrodite came down to look for Rhea and willing to kill her. But as expected, Mars already hide Rhea in somewhere.

Later, Rhea Sylvia found herself was got pregnant. Mars know about it too, so he was very afraid if Aphrodite would also find out. And without him knows, Aphrodite has already knew, but didn’t do anything yet. She had a plan.

It was such a beautiful night when Rhea Sylvia come to giving birth only by herself. Mars secretly watched over her. She born to twins baby boy which soonly Mars taken while Rhea still in her unconsciusness. Mars had to protect his sons as well, so that’s why he did this. He put those twins in a basket and let it go away along the river stream.

At the same time, Aphrodite slily gave snake pheromone all over Rhea’s body. So, while Rhea was unsconcius, she got attacked by many snakes until she died.

Rhea was sad. As she opened her eyes, she had to look into Underworld’s panorama. She had neither suckled her babies nor gave them name yet. But fortunately, the Lord of Underworld, Hades, did not treat her like the other souls. Hades made her become one of his servants.

The unlucky twins finally found by a she-wolf, Lupa, which then took care of those babies.

While Rhea, willingly come back to life and search for her children, besides take avenge for Ares. Hades told her that the guy she fallin in love with was apparently the son of Zeus. Hades let Rhea keep mistaking Ares as the one tricked her and stolen he babies. As it seems would be interesting, Hades pretend to be kindly giving Rhea chance for another life.