[Fanaccount] Going to Junsu’s Dad Pizza & Yoochun’s Mom Gelato Shop

More and more reasons enforce me to go there (South Korea)….. 😀

fashion follows yoochun

One of SYC fan, Erije, sent us these pics which her friend took when she visited South Korea the last time ^^

Erije’s friend managed to visit Junsu’s appa pizza shop and Yoochun’s gellato shop and luckily, she got to meet both the owners of the shops!! Yep, Junsu’s appa and Yoochun’s amma ^^

She also got Mr. Kim to write message to her and Erije herself, what a happy day, eh? 😉


Junsu’s daddy Pizza shop from the outside. 2F is the shop’s name.


The stairs that goes to the 2F. The graffiti are Cassie’s messages to JUNSU!!

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