[NEWS] 141103 SM’s shady dealings: Author confirms they forced JYJ out of new K-pop book

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[Mark James Russel] “One of the most dramatic and famous events in K-pop history – the TVXQ! split.”
“I know that the whole TVXQ history is a very sensitive one, so I tried to write a very positive article on the band, which mentioned them starting as a five-member unit, then transitioning to a duo. I did not mention anything controversial about what happened and just looked at the positive….”


SM’s shady dealings: Author confirms they forced JYJ out of new K-pop book

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The author of a recently released book on K-pop has revealed that SM Entertainment pressured his publisher to remove references to JYJ and the TVXQ! lawsuit.

This came to light when one of our favourite bloggers, Oegukeen (who has previously written a guest post for us on inter-cultural relationships) wrote an in-depth review of Mark James Russell’s book K-pop Now!: The Korean Music Revolution’.

Like we (and other reviewers) previously noted, she pointed out that there were odd inconsistencies in the book in the way TVXQ! and JYJ were covered. However unlike those other reviews, this time the author took the time to directly respond to the criticism in the comments of Oegukeen’s blog.

Russell confirmed, as we had suspected, that this effective deletion of JYJ from K-pop history was the result of interference…

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